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Water Storage Drinker: The SD1

The SD1 is our innovative solution to livestock water storage. Every rancher knows the cows drink first and the calves have to drink out of the bottom of the tank, the SD1 keeps ALL of the water at a drinkable level
  • Keeps 100% of the cattle out 100% of the time!
  • The drinker is not open to the air. This minimizes evaporation losses
  • The wrap-around drinking trough provides the ability to water larger numbers of livestock
  • Trough is easily cleanable with minimal water loss (just drain the trough and sweep)
  • High volume/low pressure trough float maintains water levels without wasting water and is plug resistant
  • Durable, Epoxy Coated steel has maximum life expectancy with minimum maintenance
  • Water level indicator allows easy monitoring of water levels from any viewable distance
  • Standard drinkers are filled with a single external water line and controlled with an internal float
  • Water storage provides a reserve water supply after water source is depleted
  •  Drinker is designed for easy protection of the water source (hydrant)
  • Standard drinkers are fitted with lifting logs for easy transportation or relocation

Ideal applications for the SD1 include:

Cow-Calf Pair Operations
Calves can always reach the water

Un-matched tank durability

Summer Intensive Grazing
Large herd numbers, high peak water demands, uncontaminated water, flexibility in water distribution design

Low Pressure or Low Flow Applications
Water is available on-demand without affecting incoming flow rates

Non-Permanent Installs
Leased ground or temporary grazing applications

Solar and Wind Applications
High volume storage available with minimum losses

Cost Shared Applications
SD-1s are compatible with all cost share programs to-date.  The SD-1 is the first water storage unit that provides the owner/operator with an investment that does not lose its value over time. The SD-1 can be moved when grazing strategies change, or can be sold when operations transition. Historically, water storage and water drinking tanks lose most of their value immediately after they are installed - "it’s hard to resell concrete after it has been poured.”

We can help you get the right solution!


SD1 Storage Water Drinker


1 - 10,000 Gal Vert.
1 - 6,000 Gal Vert.
2 - 4,000 Gal Vert.
2 - 3,000 Gal Vert.
4 - 2,300 Gal Water Storage Drinkers

Models Available for Order
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2300 Gal.
4500 Gal.
6000 Gal.
8000 Gal.
10000 Gal.

*Custom orders are our speciality!



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